It all began when, at the age of 14, I bought myself a Sachs moped from a neighbour, the model where you had to change gear by hand. The maximum speed of 30km/h was quickly changed ­ far too boring to ride! 3 years later the bike was seized and confiscated by the police, who thought that this sort of bike with a maximum speed of around 85km/h should not be playing around in the traffic.

At 18, I was the proud owner of a Suzuki GT125, which I restored myself and on which I took my bike test. I had the practical part of the test on a Friday and passed first time, the instructor told me my licence would be ready in about 2 weeks – too long for me to wait, I was off to Corsica in the morning.

In 1995 I was called up into the Swiss army, naturally as a motorcyclist and allowed to learn to ride the lovely Condor A350 during my compulsory 4 months. After my training it was time to step up to a bigger bike, a Yamaha XT600 (the one without an electric start…)

During the next six years, I undertook, amongst other things some small trips through the Pyrenees, to Spain, Gibraltar, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovenia etc. 2001 was the year for the big adventure. I quit my job at the travel agency in Zurich airport, packed the Suzuki DR800 into a wooden box and shipped it to Chile. From there I travelled for 7 months and 28,000 km through Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. At the end of the journey I sold the bike there, but because I was so confident with this motorcycle, I bought the same model when I got back to Switzerland.

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